Soteria Fire Extinguishers FAQ

What is most unique about Soteria products?

  • Easy to use – no training required, even for children or the elderly. Just throw Soteria into the fire!
  • Highly effective in fire extinguishment.
  • Innovative styling – for the modern home and office.
  • 5 Years shelf life – cost effective solution compared to traditional solutions per year.
  • No yearly maintenance needed – there are no parts that will rust or leak over time.
  • Eco friendly – non-hazardous, environmentally friendly chemicals.

Every one of the above features is better than the traditional portable fire extinguisher.

How does Soteria Throwable product work?

When a fire occurs, Soteria throwable is thrown directly into the fire. Upon impact, the ampoule will break or shatter, releasing our proprietary Soteria chemicals onto the flames. The chemicals react with the fire to produce extinguishing gases that snuff out the fire and cool down the embers to prevent the fire from reigniting.

For flammable liquid fires like petrol, kerosene, diesel (Class B type), the extinguishing solution suffocates the fire by layering itself on top of the fuel and cutting off the oxygen supply.

How does Soteria Kitchen products work?

When Soteria Kitchen sachet is places into the fire, it will react to release its content onto the burning grease or oil. The Soteria Kitchen sachet is engineered to unseal itself quickly without any explosion. The solution will spread itself across the surface of the fuel and suffocate it by cutting off the oxygen supply. The foam that is produced then reacts to the fuel to cool it down and prevent the fire from reigniting.

What is the shelf life of Soteria Fire Extinguishers?

All Soteria Fire Extinguisher products last for 5 Years. Expiration dates are printed on the ampoules/sachets.

How do you dispose of expired Soteria products?

For Soteria Throwable: Unscrew the cap and puncture the foil seal. Drain the content of the ampoule into your regular drainage system with ample running water. The contents are harmless. Rinse and dispose of the empty ampoules with your regular trash. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water upon coming in contact with the extinguishing solution.

For Soteria Kitchen: Puncture the sachet and drain the contents into your regular drainage system with ample running water. The contents are harmless. Dispose of the empty sachet with your regular trash. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water upon coming into contact with the extinguishing solution.

Are Soteria products bio-degradable?

Yes, they are. The chemical contents of both Soteria Throwable & Soteria Kitchen are classified as Readily Biodegradable according to OECD criteria.

What type of fire can Soteria products safely put out?

Soteria Throwable is capable of extinguishing Class A (Ordinary Combustibles) and Class B (Flammable Liquids) fires. Most homes and office fires are Class A & B types.

Soteria Kitchen is capable of extinguishing cooking oil or grease fires, which are classified as Class F in the EU and Class K in the US.

What size of fire can Soteria products handle?

Like all common portable fire extinguishers, Soteria fire extinguishers are equipped to handle initial fires. Soteria Throwable can also be used to clear escape routes.

Are Soteria products hazardous to humans?

No. All Soteria products are classified as non-hazardous according to 1999/45/EC classifications.

Can Soteria Throwable be used in a buildings water sprinkler system?

No. We do not recommend this to be done as the chemicals cannot be stored diluted.

Can Soteria Throwable be diluted with water if the fire is wide spread?

Yes, but this is not recommended as an initial fire grows exponentially larger with every passing second. In the event that a diluted solution is required, the mixture must be used immediately and not stored. The effectiveness of the mixture depends on the dilution ratio.

Can Soteria Kitchen chemicals be used in commercial kitchen sprinkler systems?

Yes. It can be used in commercial kitchen sprinkler systems. It is very highly effective. However Soteria Kitchen comes in sachets that are convenient for use without the costly overheads that come with the installation of a kitchen sprinkler system.

Where are Soteria products manufactured?

All Soteria products are manufactured in Melaka, Malaysia.

Does Soteria have any test approvals or certifications?

Yes. Soteria solutions have been extensively tested by the German fire testing center MPA-Dresden.

MPA Dresden GmbH is an accredited testing facility of excellent repute, particularly in regards to fire protection. Most of our distributers have applied for local independent testing to enhance the marketability of Soteria in their respective countries. This, however, is not mandatory.

Soteria Products are Test Certified and approved in: Germany, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia.

Can you provide us with technical datasheets?

Yes. The technical datasheet will be sent to you together with your initial order. It is in the form of a MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet. Our MSDS are prepared in strict compliance with the European standards REACH. Soteria products are classified under NDG (Non Dangerous Goods) and are easily imported without hindrance.

What are the international customs tariff codes for Soteria products?

All Soteria products are shipped under the HS Code 381300 – Preparations and charges for fire- extinguishers; charged fire- extinguishing grenades.

For Soteria Throwable, do you have any other sizes besides the 500ml ampule?

No. We have found the 500ml to be most effective for users. Our research has shown that the design of the ampoule and weight is most appropriate for use by all, including children and the elderly. One ampule is sufficient for putting out most initial fires.

Can Soteria products be produced in our local language?

Yes. Provided that you meet our production MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity

How is the product packaged?

These are the commercial packaging SKU’s.

ST1001A               Soteria Throwable           500ml Ampule X 12 units                               400x300x250      9KG

ST1001C              Soteria Throwable           500ml & Wall Display Case X12                    510x400x245      12KG

SK1001                  Soteria Kitchen                 55ml Sachet & Wall Holder x 100                400x300x250      9KG

Soteria Throwable is designed to shatter upon impact. How will it affect shipping?

The Soteria Throwable Shatteract ampoule is housed in a custom engineered protective-foam holder that has been exhaustively tested. We have not experienced any breakage shipping Soteria Throwables internationally.